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Bible Study

Join us for Bread of Life Bible Study this Tuesday at 6:30pm as Pastor teaches Part 2 of 

Pit Favor.



Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to everyone born in May!

Staying Connected to God’s Word

When you are unable to attend church, it is still our obligation to God to be obedient to his word. For your convenience there is a secured mailbox available for you.  Please stop by the church anytime to drop off your tithes and offering.




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 “Jesus Touch List”

New Life Church Family

Victory Word Church

Higher Praise Worship Center

Harper Woods Police & Fire Dept

Riverview Rehabilitation Center

Bishop Leonard Gardner

Deacon Donaldson

Derrick Dewberry

Deacon Julian

Brian Morgan & Family

Aiesha Landfair

Debbie Hicks

If you have someone to add or an announcement, please phone in your information to the church phone (313) 401-2991.

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